Special Coaching for Xth Weak Students starts

Improving Academic Performance. Efforts to help students deal with specific academic weaknesses
(e.g., in maths) can involve improvements in teacher practices in the classroom – of which many
examples are given in the next section, and/or be focused on the weak students. Many colleges offer
remedial classes either during the semester (say, in the evenings, on weekends or during periods of
preparatory leave) or vacations. Another approach is to provide a two-week period (in addition to
preparation leave) when no classes are held but teachers are available to help students address their
weaknesses. Extra inputs could also be provided in more innovative ways, such as:
• Tutorial classes where additional problems are solved and students interact with each other in
addition to a faculty member or senior post-graduate student.
• Where there are a large number of weak students who cannot be handled individually, a ‘Student
Academic Support Program’ could systematically provide extra classes, extra notes and extra
• Student and faculty collaborations on projects (which may be integrated in the curriculum) where
teachers are available to students formally and informally and focus attention on weak members of
the group.

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